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High-Speed Tilt-Bed Thermoformer

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New tilt-bed machine reportedly offers output increases of up to 50% compared to current industry standards. 

The new M100 from Gabler Thermoform GmbH is billed as a revolutionary new tilt-bed machine, offering output increases of up to 50% compared to current industry standards. At the show, the machine will be forming a transparent PP drinking cup with 69.5-mm dia and a height of 96 mm using a 90-cavity tool. A completely re-engineered forming station with state-of-the art drive and guide technology provides a forming area of 1130 x 550 mm.

The M100 reportedly combines both performance and high-end technology while reducing energy consumption. Other machine features include a user-friendly HMI touchscreen; reverse-stacker automation; the machine builder’s SpeedFlow forming air system; and improved production monitoring and processing optimization functionality.


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NPE2018 Exhibitor

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