Hot-Runner Nozzle Heater Is Precise and Uniform

New Thermasleeve external nozzle heaters from Watlow, St.

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New Thermasleeve external nozzle heaters from Watlow, St. Louis, are said to heat more precisely, uniformly, and consistently than cable or cast-in heaters. Watlow's patented manufacturing technique involves thermalspray coating of a sandwich of insulating and conductive layers onto the metal substrate and then cutting away the insulation with a laser to leave a precisely structured heating circuit. Thus, heating patterns can be tailored for different nozzle designs and are highly consistent from nozzle to nozzle and batch to batch, according to Watlow. Low-profile Thermasleeve heaters have a low heater mass and intimate contact with the nozzle for rapid thermal response. The heaters are self-clamping and are installed and removed easily and quickly with a simple tool provided by Watlow (photo). The heater's thermocouple slot could eliminate the need to machine a thermocouple groove into the nozzle. Heaters come in lengths of 30 to 120 mm for nozzle diameters of 12.7 to 22.4 mm. Tel: (800) WATLOW2 .

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