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Hot-Runner System Saves Time, Boosts Quality

Originally titled 'Hot-Runner System Features Save Time and Boost Quality'
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According to Synventive, the SVG+ hot-runner system saves time by providing monitoring and diagnostic tools from outside of the molding machine.

Synventive showcases the SVG+ hot-runner system. The company says that it has a simple design in that no cooling lines or plates are required. The system saves time by providing monitoring and diagnostic tools from outside of the molding machine. Synventive says that this results in less downtime, less scrap and increased reliability. The system upgrades easily activeGate control technology for lower operating costs and improved quality. The system makes it possible to mold complex geometries and high-quality, Class A part surfaces in less time. The SVG+ hot runner systems are equipped with a new modular actuator design and patent pending SynCool3 technology. SynCool3 provides cooling of the actuators without the need for separate cooling lines. These systems are delivered with a Valve Monitoring Interface (VMI) for monitoring, diagnostics, and trouble shooting from outside the molding machine. VMI provides measured individual pin movement data and allows operators to check whether the valve pins are moving as intended.


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