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Hot Runners: Control Features Adjustable Touch Screen

Hasco's H1280 series of controllers come in three sizes, including table top units, operating from 6 to 36 zones. 


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Hasco says its H1280 series hot runner controllers feature an intuitive touch user interface, including Quick Start assistants that apply dialogues to guide users through all the key settings so that, according to the company, even untrained personnel can safely and quickly commission the controller.

The integrated help function is available at the touch of a button, with smart navigation easing searches. The zone displays are individually adjustable, allowing different values to be shown. Additionally, the 7-inch display can be swiveled to the ideal viewing angle, regardless of where the controller is located.

The controller provides comprehensive monitoring to protect itself and the hot runner system, as well as the mold. The troubleshooting agent enables a malfunction’s cause to be located rapidly, and it offer illustrated instructions to correct it.

Cooling elements are located on the outside for more effective heat removal and longer service life for electronic components. Sensor inputs have voltage protection, which detects excessive voltages and switches off the effected zone as quickly as possible.

In addition, a special start-up routine detects short-circuits in a fraction of a second, well before a fuse could blow. The individual zones’ fuses are accessible from the outside so they can be replaced without having to open the controller housing. The system’s triacs can be exchanged on the main board without any soldering.

The controller can be operated in star and delta networks, with many user languages to choose from, making it suitable for use worldwide. The integrated Ethernet, RS485, CAN and USB communication interfaces permit universal data exchange with a whole range of devices. Utilizing OPC UA standards, the controller can also be part of an Industry-4.0-ready shop floor.


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