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Hot Runners: Controller Adds Industry 4.0 Functionality, Set-Up Assistant

The latest iteration of Meusburger’s profiTEMP+ hot runner controller supports EUROMAP 82.2 for data exchange between injection molding machines and hot runner controllers.


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In addition to applying OPC UA architecture in support of the EUROMAP standard, Meusburger’s profiTEMP+ hot runner controller also features an RFID reader and a setup wizard. The company says the RFID reader allows injection molding machines to be automatically identified and localized via the reader and without contact. Meusburger says that alternatively a production department could select one of the injection molding machines if mold data is managed centrally on a device server. Data are centrally recorded and secured and existing tools can be retrofitted.

The new setup wizard can help determine optimum parameters so that a new hot runner can be installed in the shortest possible time. In addition to identifying and analyzing the hot runner’s zones, the setup wizard helps operators define the heating method and provide zone names, setpoint values and limit values. Set-up parameters are saved on the device, and during the MoldCheck, a complete test of the hot runner’s wiring is performed and documented. The setup wizard is pre-installed on new controllers, and for devices running an older software version, the update can be downloaded free of charge from the web and installed via a USB drive on the device. In addition, existing profiTEMP+ devices can be retrofitted with EUROMAP 82.2 via a free software update for OPC UA, according to Meusburger. The company believes that in the future, OPC UA will be the standard interface for injection molding machines and hot runner devices from all manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

Meusburger profiTEMP+

Meusburger’s profiTEMP+ has added OPC UA architecture to support Industry 4.0, as well as a Set-Up Wizard and RFID reader.


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