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4/23/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Hot Runners: Electric Pin-Movement Control for Large Sequentially Valve-Gated Parts

Originally titled 'INJECTION MOLDING Electric Pin Control for Large Sequentially Valve-Gated Parts '
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Initially introduced in 2010 for small-part molding, a new generation of electrically actuated valve gates targets large parts.

Hot runner system supplier Synventive Molding Solutions, Peabody, Mass., a portfolio company within Barnes Molding Solutions, has released eGate 2.0, the latest addition to its activeGate control technologies. eGate provides pin-movement control for large-part sequential valve-gated applications, with the eGate electric actuator bolting directly on the manifold for both a compact footprint and small stack height, with individually cooled motors and magnetic clamping compatibility.

A Synventive spokesperson told Plastics Technology that changes from the first to the second generation of eGate’s are extensive. “The only thing eGate 2.0 has in common with the original eGate, is the fact that it is electric,” the spokesperson said. “Everything has changed.”

Synventive told Plastics Technology that eGate 2.0 allows molders to use electric actuation for any of the company’s existing application where its standard valve gate nozzles are applied. eGate 2.0 covers nozzle bore sizes from 12 to 25 mm and orifice sizes up to 8 mm. The spokesperson said that the term “large part” here is used to differentiate from Synventive’s original eGate, which goes up to Nozzle Size 09—or a 9-mm nozzle bore. The eGate controller is available in 220V single-phase power with 8- or 16-zone configurations. In terms of communications, it can accept digital input signals via the Ether CAT communication protocol, and it is compatible with cavity sensor triggering.

Synventive notes that precise all-electric control of each valve pin’s position, speed, velocity and stroke can deliver optimized cosmetics for class A surfaces; controlled balance and pack; warpage, required clamp-force and part-weight reduction; and greater application flexibility with a maintenance-free motor. Individual pin position is reportedly repeatable to within 0.01-mm increments.

A new interface includes a drag-and-drop editor for simplified setup, recipe storage, and mold overview, as well as offers varying levels of user control. Additional features include a sequence plot overview and mold map feature.


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