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Hot Runners: Nozzles, Valve Gate Unit & Control Announcements

Meusburger’s PSG brand expanded the smartFILL nozzle series; provided pneumatic and hydraulic operating units for valve gate nozzles and combined the VCON controller with the profiTEMP+ in one cabinet.


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The smartFILL nozzle series is now available in the large (4557) and the small (4019) versions (the 4557 was introduced at Fakuma in 2018). Options in the series include: smartFILL (slide seal), smartFILL Shot (screwed in) or smartFILL shot single (single application). Meusburger says the line is suitable for processing technical and filled plastics. Heat is applied all the way to the injection tip to help ensure a homogeneous temperature profile. Other benefits include fast heater change thanks to spiral/wedge clamping, and the ability to design in tight cavity distances. The nozzles can be used for shot weights from 0.5 to 2500 g.

The company also introduced pneumatic and hydraulic operating units for valve gate nozzles. Meusburger notes that even with individual actuation of each nozzle, tight internal dimensions are possible thanks to the compact design. The nozzles are particularly suited for use in conjunction with the smartFILL 19 and 27 nozzle sizes.

Finally, the company is providing simple changeover from hydraulic hot runner systems to varioFILL. The company says the advanced profiTEMP+ and VCON controller can be combined with a hot runner control device in one cabinet for integrated handling of temperature and cascade control with touch screen operation.

Meusburger smartFILL nozzle

Meusburger’s line of smartFILL nozzles has been expanded.