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Injection-Blow Machines with Energy-Saving Servo-Hydraulics

Jomar’s IntelliDrive servo-hydraulic pump brings major energy savings to injection-blow molding.


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Jomar Corp., which experimented with an all-electric drive in the past, has concluded that the most cost-effective energy-saving option is its IntelliDrive Series with a servo-hydraulic pump. Jomar will be running the IntelliDrive Model 85S (72 tons) that was first introduced at K 2016. The IntelliDrive system has also been extended to its two largest machines, 135 and 175 tons. In fact, the conventional hydraulic version of the Model 175 has been discontinued. Intellidrive machines reportedly save up to 50% in energy consumption and use 40% less tower water, at only 10-15% higher cost than standard IBM presses.