Injection-Blow Molded PLA Bottles Arrive

Injection-blow molded PLA bottles made by Alpha Packaging, St.

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Injection-blow molded PLA bottles made by Alpha Packaging, St. Louis, are said to be an industry fi rst in extendedshelf-life, rigid packaging. The bottles are made of NatureWorks PLA from NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minn., and are supplied to Highland Laboratories Inc., Mt. Angel, Ore., a producer of nutritional supplements. While PLA has been used for stretch-blow molded bottles, this is the fi rst commercial injection-blown application. Highland has replaced HDPE in about 20 products that are packaged in 250-cc bottles and this summer plans to convert 200-cc HDPE bottles to PLA as well. The company will eventually package all 250 of its products in PLA bottles. Alpha uses existing PET molds. Initial tests revealed that no additional barrier treatment was needed and the same desiccants could be used for moisture-sensitive supplements. Other opportunities for PLA in rigid packaging include foods, beverages, household chemicals, and vitamins. Alpha: (314) 427-4300/www.alphap. com . NatureWorks: (952) 742-0400/ Y Z X Thickness Repartition

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