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Injection-Blow Molding Multi-Layer Barrier Bottles

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Kortec hot-runner technology and an auxiliary injector convert a standard machine to three-layer co-injection blow molding.

Milacron is exhibiting a Uniloy IBS 85 (81 tons) injection-blow machine that is available in electric, hydraulic, and hybrid versions. The news here is that this machine is equipped to mold three-layer barrier containers. Up to now, Milacron’s Kortec co-injection technology has been used mainly on injection molding machines to produce barrier preforms and the Klear Can for food. But Milacron is using an injection-blow machine to illustrate its new Kortec Connect program for retrofitting existing injection machines to perform barrier  co-injection.

The IBS 85 is outfitted with a Kortec co-injection hot-runner system and a Mold-Masters E-Multi electric servo-driven secondary injection unit to deliver the barrier layer. The IBS 85 is molding a 7.5-g pill bottles from a four-cavity tool in a 12-sec cycle.


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