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Injection Molding: All-Electric Machine Line Expands

Engel has added a 130-ton press to its all-electric line of e-mac machines, which now ranges from 50 to 280 tons.


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Injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel (U.S. headquarters in York, Pa.) will present the new e-mac 130 at its live e-xperience 2020 event (Oct. 13-16), running connector systems actuators from a 16-cavity mold. More specifically, an Engel e-mac 465/130 will injection mold the actuators for Han-Quick Lock brand connector systems by Harting. Depending on the connector type, Engel notes that nearly 100 actuators are fitted within a single connector housing, which enable fast connection of stranded conductors.

Engel e-mac 130

Engel has expanded its e-mac line of all-electric injection molding machines, adding a 130-ton model. 

Engel says all-electric injection molding machines are preferred for the production of connector components, thanks to their ability to ensure maximum dimensional accuracy and repeatability of the filigree component structures. Engel injection molding machines actually use some Harting connector systems, according to the company.

Engel says for precision applications with cycle times greater than four seconds, the e-mac presents an economical press. Featuring the smallest available injection unit, the new e-mac 130 measures only 173 in. in length. The clear tie-bar width is roughly 21 by 21 in., reportedly giving the e-mac 130 the largest tie-bar spacing among all-electric injection molding machines with a comparable clamping force. All movements of the Engel e-mac, including the nozzle and ejection, are powered by servo-electric drives. The e-mac can integrate a servo-hydraulic unit without requiring additional space, if one is required.

The e-mac 465/130 running at e-xperience is equipped with an Engel viper 12 linear robot for part removal, as well as two of the company’s “smart assistance systems.” iQ weight control, which readjusts the melt volume for each individual shot, and iQ flow control, which automatically adjusts temperature differences in the cooling water manifold circuit.

At Fakuma 2017, Engel expanded the e-mac line on the high end, adding a 280-ton machine. In all, the e-mac line now has five machines, with the new 130-ton press fitting between existing 100- and 180-ton models. Besides electronics, Engel says e-mac machines serve applications in the packaging, technical molding and medical technology sectors.

Harting Han-Quick Lock brand connector systems

During its e-xperience live virtual event, Engel will mold actuators for Han-Quick Lock brand connector systems from Harting in a 16-cavity mold.