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INJECTION MOLDING: All-Electric Press for Thicker Parts

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New version provides longer and higher pack/hold pressures.

Related Suppliers

NPE2015 in Orlando next month will see the North American introduction of the SE-EV-HD all-electric press line from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, Strongsville, Ohio. These “high-duty” models of the company’s flagship SE-EV Series are designed specifically for thicker-walled parts and complex parts with both thick and thin walls. They can provide longer and higher pack and hold pressures, suiting them especially to cycles of 15 sec or longer, in which these presses can maintain full pressure for up to 40% of the molding cycle. A model SE180EV-HD (180 metric tons, 202 U.S. tons) will run at the show. Other sizes available include 100 and 130 m.t. (112 and 146 U.S.).