INJECTION MOLDING: All-Electric Secondary Injectors in Vertical or Horizontal Format

Fanuc auxiliary injection units now available in the Americas.

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If you’ve attended overseas plastics shows lately, you may have seen them in action. Now they’re available in the Americas: Roboshot all-electric secondary injection units from Fanuc of Japan are being sold here by Milacron Holdings Corp., Cincinnati.

The Fanuc Roboshot SI-20A is a vertically mounted injector with Fanuc’s latest control and user interface. It’s compatible with Roboshot Alpha and B-Series presses from 50 to 300 metric tons and is said to offer the same accuracy and repeatability as the latest Alpha Series Roboshot machine. It has a shot capacity of 0.63 oz and can be operated from the Roboshot press’s controller or from its standalone operating screen. The SI-20A can also operate the rotary mold table and can be linked to the Roboshot-Linki plantwide production and quality data-management system.

Milacron also plans to offer Fanuc’s SI-300HA horizontal secondary injection unit of 4.87 oz shot capacity in the second half of this year.

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