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9/30/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

INJECTION MOLDING: Behemoth Press to Mold Huge Refuse Containers

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Negri Bossi showcases 7000 m.t. press at recent open house.

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Negri Bossi (U.S. office New Castle, Del.) held an open house for U.S. molders in Italy in September in which it showcased the largest of its Bi-Power line of two-platen machines. The 7000 m.t. unit was on display at Sacmi’s plant in Imola, Italy. Sacmi sold Negri Bossi earlier this year, but still builds the firm’s large-tonnage presses.

This enormous press features a special twin-barrel injection unit and co-injection nozzle, allowing a maximum shot size of about 330 lb (PS).  To facilitate mold change, the machine is equipped with an automatic tie-bar extraction device, which pulls the top, non-operator-side tie bar through the fixed platen toward the injection unit.

The press was scheduled to be shipped to a molder in Portugal, which will use it to make large containers for the refuse, logistics and agricultural industries. Negri Bossi previously delivered a 7000 m.t. machine to a molder in Japan, which uses it to make large containers for commercial fishermen to store fish while at sea.

The controller on this Bi-Power 7000 was upgraded to Negri Bossi’s new Powerlink Ethernet-based system and features an enhanced operator interface that offers easier set up functions and is reportedly more user friendly than previous iterations. The hydraulic accumulators and electric screw drives have been designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing for simultaneous operation of mold movements and screw recovery.

The press is equipped with 96 accumulators and has an oil-tank capacity of 1320 gallons. It can accommodate molds up to 120 m.t. Each of the tiebars weigh 140 m.t., which is about the same weight as a complete 180-ton press. The machine’s footprint is about 90 ft x 23 ft x 18 ft. Build time is about 12 months from order.

Negri Bossi’s complete Bi-Power line comes in 1000, 1300, 1500, 2000, 25000, 2700, 3500, 5500 and 7000 m.t. configurations.

Negri Bossi’s global headquarters is in Milan. Sacmi, which purchased the injection molding machine builder in 2002, sold it earlier this year to U.S. investors Ausable Capital Partners LLC, Santa Monica, Calif., and Kingsbury Corp., Rush, N.Y.


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