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INJECTION MOLDING: Cycle-Slashing Plasticating System

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Barrier screw plus poppet-style non-return valve provide faster cycles without resin degradation.

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The Nordson Xaloy Quantum screw has been designed to enhance melt quality at higher rates that make possible shorter cycles in molding high-speed, thin-wall packaging. Nordson Corp., New Castle, Pa., will introduce the device next month at NPE2015 in Orlando.

The system includes a barrier screw (photo) designed to increase the rate of plastication of unmelted material while minimizing shear forces on polymer that is already molten. This is said to reduce screw recovery time by 10-15% in comparison with existing high-performance screws. Along with the innovative screw, Nordson supplies a custom-designed, poppet-style non-return valve, whose free-flowing channels prevent polymer degradation and whose rapid shut-off ensures shot-to-shot consistency.


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