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8/24/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Injection Molding: Differentiated Power Distribution Give Hot Runner Nozzles a Uniform Temperature Profile

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Interchangeable nozzle tips make different types of gating possible.


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Austrian standard mold components supplier Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co. KG (Wolfurt; Meusburger US, Inc. Standard Molds, Charlotte, N.C.) now offers the Plastic Service Group’s (PSG) smartFILL single nozzles. PSG was acquired by Meusburger in 2016.

Meusburger says the product’s interchangeable nozzle tips make the smartFILL suitable for a wide range of applications molded from common thermoplastics with and without fillers. The wear-resistant nozzle tips allow direct gating or gating to sub-manifold, and the nozzle length always remains the same despite different gating types. Single nozzle installation consists of the corrosion resistant nozzle body being inserted into the cavity plate and fixed by the clamping plate and/or the locating ring.

Optimal heat transfer is achieved through the nozzle’s differentiated power distribution, which Meusburger says also creates a uniform temperature profile along the entire nozzle length. The nozzle’s heater and thermocouple can be changed easily thanks to the product’s intelligent clip lock.

Within the nozzle, Meusburger says the streamlined melt channel further enables optimal melt exchange by preventing dead spots in the melt flow. This also results in low shear stress for the plastic and easier color changes. The splitting and re-joining of the melt flow takes place in the hot zone of the nozzle, which is said to reduce flow lines, improving a part’s optical and mechanical quality.

At Meusburger’s website, molders can use the online hot runner nozzle configurator to select the appropriate nozzle and tip type based on a number of parameters. The CAD data of the configured single nozzle—including installation spaces—are immediately available for download.


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