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INJECTION MOLDING: Energy-Saving Large Hybrid Presses

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Large hydraulic presses have servo-driven pumps.

Related Suppliers

Nissei of Japan (U.S. office in Anaheim, Calif.) is introducing the new FVX-III Series of large hybrid presses from 560 to 1300 U.S. tons. The machine operates like a fully hydraulic, three-platen press with a central direct-pressure clamp cylinder. But Nissei calls it a hybrid because the hydraulic X-Pump is driven by an electric servo motor at a variable speed depending on the demands of the process. It saves energy, and reduces noise while offering the benefits of direct hydraulic injection and clamping, such as ability to maintain 100% holding pressure for 60 sec, difficult to achieve with an electric machine. At the same time, it can provide controllable pressure as low as 44 psi and speeds as low as 0.5 mm/sec, which are 17-20% of the minimums for conventional hydraulic presses.

FVX-III machines are an upgrade of the FVX Series with the newly updated version of the TACT IV controller that has been used on the all-electric NEX-III and hybrid FNX-III Series. It has a 15-in. vertical LCD screen, large enough to display two windows vertically. Newly designed setup screen is said to save time in getting a mold into operation. Quality and production management functions have been enhanced.