INJECTION MOLDING: Faster, More Compact Electric Press

Also two new hydraulic presses from Taiwan.

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The new Toyo Si-6 series of all-electric machines was one of three new developments shown by Maruka USA, Pine Brook, N.J., at NPE2015 last month. Compared with Toyo’s Si-5 series, the new Si-6 series is more compact, runs 33% faster, and has a redesigned clamp for easier maintenance. Larger models (the range is 55 to 1050 tons) also have redesigned injection units. The new System 600 controller runs 10X faster than the previous unit and offers added features. At the show, an Si-300-6 molded 32 spoons in 4 sec, a full 2 sec faster than the previous model.

Maruka also showed Toyo’s compact, all-electric ET vertical machine, which now features enhanced controls for easier operation, faster response, and greater molding accuracy. Two machines from Fu Chun Shin (FCS) of Taiwan were also on display. One was the new 160-ton FB-160 RSV hydraulic, two-material press. The other was the LA-SV series of two-platen hydraulic presses, brand-new to the U.S. and available in 550 to 4000 tons.