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Injection Molding: First Look at Vertical Multicomponent Press

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Wittmann Battenfeld's new VPower machine in Combimould version   exhibited at K 2019.

As reported in our K 2019 show preview in September, Wittmann Battenfeld will show off the first multicomponent Combimould version of its new vertical-clamp VPower servohydraulic press. More details are now available, including a photo of the new machine.

While a 120-ton version of the VPower Combimould is being displayed at K, the option is offered for the whole line, which ranges from 120 to 300 metric tons. Only the 120- and 160-m.t. sizes were on sale at the start of this year, but the 220- and 300-m.t. models are now also available. Rotary-table diameters run 1300, 1600 and 2000 mm, available with electric servo drive.

In the standard single-injector configuration, the machine’s second hydraulic system is used for ejection during the injection molding cycle. But in multicomponent applications, the second hydraulic system powers the second injection unit, so that both units can perform injection and plastication simultaneously. Single-component models can be retrofitted with a second injector.