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INJECTION MOLDING: Flexible Hot-Runner Control Module

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Single-zone temperature controller offers sophisticated features.

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The TSM15 is a new single-zone temperature-control module added to the SmartSeries hot-runner controls from DME Co., Madison Heights, Mich. It has a color touchscreen that provides temperature, power, and current readings. This model offers molders a more sophisticated option when advanced control and monitoring are needed. It can be used to retrofit existing control mainframes for system expansion, upgrade, or replacement.

The TSM15 is said to offer maximum flexibility, since programming can be customized and reconfigured to fit new molds or molding environments. It can run in open- or closed-loop mode and zones can be numbered by the user in a logical sequence. It features DME’s Smart Start mode to safely bake out internal heater moisture on startup and can be configured to limit how much the temperature can be increased during operation to prevent degrading the plastic material.


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