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Injection Molding: Free Customer Portal Offers Parts Ordering & Service Assistance

AburgXworld portal offers both free and fee-based apps for a wide range of tasks.
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The K 2019 show last October marked the global availability in 18 languages of the arburgXworld customer portal to all owners of Arburg injection machines (see Sept. ’19 show preview and Jan.’20 post-show report). This new digital service had been available in Germany since March 2019. It allows users to order spare parts, schedule and manage technical service, and access other features that address a wide range of plant operations and other tasks.


New arburgXworld customer portal is now available globally in 18 languages.

New arburgXworld customer portal is now available globally in 18 languages.


The basic arburgXworld (pronounced “Arburg’s world”) portal includes four free apps:

 •  Machine Center maintains machine-specific data (model, machine number and delivery date) for a molder’s entire fleet of Arburg machines. Users also have easy, centralized access to operating instructions and a spare-parts list for machines built since 2017.

 •  Service Center makes communicating with Arburg quicker and easier when support or service is needed. Customers can open a service ticket, submit supporting information and photos, check ticket status, and access documented service history.

 •  Calendar helps manage scheduled service and download appointments to the user’s personal calendar.

 •  Shop gives molders access to spare-parts catalogs, including exploded-view and 3D drawings; allows users to review pricing and availability; and instantly places orders 24/7.

 •  Self Service allows users to analyze machine errors themselves simply by entering a problem description or error code, for which the system suggests causes and solutions.

A U.S. molder involved in beta testing the new portal reports that he especially appreciates the online parts-ordering function in the Shop app. “What used to require some research and a phone call or two now can be completed in about 5 minutes. We used to have to call or email to get availability and pricing, then get a quote and cut a purchase order. But now it takes just a few mouse clicks to order parts.”

Besides the free Basic package, the portal offers additional fee-based functionality in Premium, Premium Plus, and Connect packages. For instance, the enhanced Machine Center app includes extended documentation for each machine—digital records of machine features, service reports, acceptance protocols, etc.—all stored under customizable machine designations. The enhanced Self Service app includes assisted problem analysis with Arburg expert guidance to lead the user through a problem-solving process and links to machine manuals.

Other apps available in the fee-based packages include Virtual Control, which simulates the Arburg machine controller so that user can create setup programs and optimize processes without taking a machine out of service. It also facilitates offline training of employees.

Machine Finder is a configuration app that helps molders determine the appropriate machine size and features for a particular product, material and process conditions.

Machine Dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) for connected molding machines.