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2/5/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

INJECTION MOLDING: 'Hands-On' Training for Molders

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New program is intensive, data-driven.


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Date Drived Molding is a new seminar from Paulson Training Programs, Chester, Pa. Billed as a rigorous, hands-on, certification course that involves 80% machine time and 20% concentrated classroom instruction, the course is an "immersive learning experience" given in three, one-week modules over 4-6 months at Paulson’s new Technical Center in Tampa, Fla.

“Our new Data Driven seminar is a completely new concept in injection molding training and is a direct result of our Plastics Academy graduates’ feedback,” explains Craig Paulson, company president. “From our experience, top injection molding companies want their best people to be able to learn and apply, then come back in 6-8 weeks and learn and apply again, taking their skills to the next level each time.”

This course will elevate any employee’s or technician’s skill set. All seminar attendees will learn to easily analyze data, diagnose problems, maintain molding process optimization and become fiscally savvy personnel who can mold jobs for maximum profit.

With multiple injection molding machines at Paulson's Tampa facility, each attendee can learn first hand the critical scientific molding techniques needed to mold successful parts. Techniques Paulson teaches in their popular online courses but can now be tried out on actual machines. The training center has a mix of both new, fully instrumented machines as well as older presses.

“The reality for many of our students is that they don’t necessarily have all new machines. Our objective is to create a real-world learning experience that prepares students to be able to solve problems when they can and identify the ones they can’t with supportive data,” explained Paulson.

With Paulson’s new Data Driven Molding course, students can learn to operate the machine based on data-driven decisions and then test and analyze the sample parts in Paulson’s well-equipped QC lab. Based on the data collected the process can now be improved. Access to this type of training is indispensable to both the novice and advanced technician or supervisor level.


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