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INJECTION MOLDING: High-Level Training For Molders

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Course features 20+ hr of machine time.

ProMolder 3 is a new, highest-level certification seminar from Paulson Training Programs, Inc., Chester, Ct. This rigorous, hands-on, certification course features 20+ hr of machine time plus time with Paulson’s SimTech injection molding simulator. The aim of the course is to prepare graduates to confidently make production floor decisions and become key production personnel. Paulson’s ProMolder 3 seminar is a completely immersive learning experience given in five days. Graduates of Paulson’s ProMolder 1 & 2 or those that successfully complete the equivalent Paulson CD/DVD or web-based training meet the requirement to enroll in Paulson’s newest seminar. The course begins with a review of ProMolder 2 and covers key concepts including:

•           Advanced, four plastic variables analysis of part properties and the machine solutions

•           Practical hands-on application experience in machine settings

•           Establishing UCL and LCL and trend analysis and more.

Paulson’s ProMolder 3 is one of six courses being offered by Paulson’s Plastics Academy and is “the definitive in injection molding training, given the amount of machine time involved,” according to Paulson.




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