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Injection Molding: High-Speed All-Electric Press Line

Designed for packaging with cycle times of 3 to 10 sec.


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At October’s Fakuma 2018 show in Germany, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag introduced the all-electric, high-speed IntElect S series from 50 to 180 metric tons, with injection speeds between 350 and 500 mm/sec. They are built especially for cycle times in the 3- to 10-sec range, vs. >10-sec cycles for standard IntElect machines, which have injection speeds of 50 to 200 mm/sec. To accompany the new high-speed range, Sumitomo Demag launched the SDR Speed robot series, built by Sepro.

Starting last year, the company renewed the standard IntElect line with a second-generation series and a new platen concept. This started at the small end with machines from 50 to 180 m.t. Mid-size models up to 500 m.t. will follow next year. Larger IntElect S models are also planned.