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1/12/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Injection Molding: High-Speed Electric Presses Get a Further Speed Boost

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Software upgrades speed clamp movements of Netstal Elion presses for closures.

KraussMaffei’s Netstal Elion high-speed presses for closures now boast even faster dry cycles. New control software is said to boost clamp movements by up to 0.2 sec across the entire model range from 80 to 420 metric tons. Netstal Elion machines can have all-electric drive in small to medium-size models up to 280 m.t. (including all the Elion Med medical versions). Servohydraulic injection is optional from 120 to 280 m.t. and standard on larger models.


Netstal Elion press has faster clamp action, shorter dry cycle.

Netstal Elion press has faster clamp action, shorter dry cycle.



KraussMaffei attributes the high speed of Elion machines largely to their unique clamp design, with a horizontal servo motor driving the centrally positioned, five-point dual-toggle lever. The speed boost is achieved on machines with the aXos controller, starting with v 8.2.0. New software provides adaptive optimization of the acceleration and deceleration ramps on the clamp so that maximum speed is reached faster than before and can be maintained longer before deceleration is applied, without compromising mold protection, KM says. What’s more, the new software adjusts the speed ramps according to the mold weight, estimated on the basis of the mold-height setting.

As an example of the practical effect of these modifications, KM says an Elion 4200 (420 m.t.) with a 96-cavity mold producing Type 29/25 HDPE caps weighing 1.23 g each now achieves a cycle time 2.6 sec vs. 2.77 sec previously. That results in output of 132,920 caps/hr, up from 124,750, a 6.5% increase.