INJECTION MOLDING: High-Temperature Heat-Transfer Fluid and ‘Rejuvenating’ Additive

New additive lengthens oil life, prevents sludge.

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Two new products from Paratherm, W. Conshohocken, Pa., offer benefits for users of hot-oil heat-transfer systems. First, new Paratherm HT heat-transfer fluid is a partially hydrogenated terphenyl suitable for very high-temperature uses—up to 675 F. The material is not new—it has proven performance—but was not previously offered by Paratherm.

Second, Paratherm has introduced a brand-new type of product for the company—an additive to extend the useful life of fluids in hot-oil systems. Paratherm AP (Antioxidant Protection) prevents acids formed at high temperatures from converting to sludge. The additive depletes over time, so it does not eliminate the need for preventive maintenance, but it does reduce or delay the need for an oil change.

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