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INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Enhancements Ease Processing & Maintenance

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New nozzle tip, insulating blocks, and bushing to prevent thread seizing.

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Three new hot-runner components are available from HRSflow of Italy (offices in Byron Center, Mich., and Windsor, Ont.). First is the new Three-Layer Tip, a nozzle tip made of three materials, with no coating. One of the materials is a copper bushing inside the flow channel to improve thermal conductivity. It’s said to provide increased temperature at the gate to improve processing of materials such as glass-filled compounds. The new design is also said to reduce wear of the nozzle tip and eliminate black spots in parts. The new tip is aimed at automotive lighting and other parts with high cosmetic requirements.

Second, the new Pressure Block (yellow components in the photo) is made of materials with low heat conductivity. It is positioned between the hot-runner manifold and the mold to increase clamp-plate stiffness and provide an optimal thermal profile along the whole hot runner. The main feature is its flexible positioning without negatively affecting the thermal profile of the hot-runner system.

Third, the new Thread Safe Kit is said to simplify routine maintenance, especially when processing materials such as PMMA and PC. A special bushing between the nozzle and manifold reportedly eliminates thread seizing, thus allowing for easy nozzle removal without thread damage.


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