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INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runner Nozzle Heaters Get More Compact Clamping Mechanism

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Easier to work with in confined spaces.

A new clamping system for hot-runner nozzle heaters is said to allow easy installation in tight spaces. Attachment of nozzle heaters is usually by means of a screw and a wedge mechanism. Clamping with this approach reportedly can be quite difficult in small, compact hot-runner blocks with narrow tubular channels, or when the heaters are mounted one behind the other on the nozzle.

A solution introduced by Turk + Hillinger (U.S. office in Brecksville, Ohio), at last month’s Fakuma 2014 show in Germany involves a new sliding and wedge mechanism that allows the heater to be simply pushed onto the nozzle core and secured axially by moving the wedge.


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