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12/1/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

INJECTION MOLDING: Hot Runners & Coinjection at Fakuma

Originally titled 'INJECTION MOLDING: Hot-Runners & Coinjection at Fakuma'
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Retrofittable coinjection systems and new hot-runner nozzles and controls are just some of the news from Mold-Masters.

At the recent Fakuma 2014 show in Germany, Mold-Masters, Georgetown, Ont., presented several new developments in hot runners and coinjection:

• Mold-Masters and German sister company Ferromatik Milacron (U.S. office in
Batavia, Ohio) demonstrated four-cavity coinjection molding of PP/EVOH/PP fruit cups in 3.5 sec. The cups were 0. 5-mm thick with the EVOH barrier layer occupying 5% of that thickness. The application combined a Mold-Masters E-Multi auxiliary injection unit mounted vertically on the mold (photo) with the Kortec coinjection nozzle technology recently acquired by Milacron. The demonstration showed how, for the first time, Kortec coinjection technology is available as a drop-in option, rather than requiring purchase of a complete dedicated machine system.

• The servo-driven E-Multi line has been expanded with the addition of the E-Radial
version, which swings around to the non-operator side for mold changes. Mold-Masters is also developing versions with higher speed and pressure—raising injection speed from 500 mm/sec to 600 mm/sec or more while retaining high pressure.

• Mold-Masters’ new Fusion Series G2 F7000 nozzle is the new largest model in the Fusion range. It offers bore sizes up to 22 mm and lengths to 1000 mm for large automotive parts, returnable crates, and outdoor furniture. It also offers new gating styles and redesigned wire channels for increased durability and easy serviceability. The Fusion G2 line now also has field-replaceable heaters for reduced downtime, plus an upgraded valve-disk design for faster color changes.

• The next generation of the Melt Cube side-gate system for medical parts is said to be more robust and applicable to a wider range of materials—from the highest-flow LLDPE (130 MI) to polycarbonate.

• An enhancement for its Sprint high-speed hot-runner system for closures, the new EcoDisk is a 70mm ceramic pad installed flush with the bottom of the clamp plate above the pressure disk. It provides up to 21% energy savings and dramatically improves the thermal balance at the nozzle.

• The new TempMaster iM2 hot-runner temperature control is integrated with the
machine control. It provides all the functions of the TempMaster M2 version without
any additional control footprint. Features include a 1-button purge sequence and
Purge Wizard. Mold-Masters is working on the ability to add control of stepper motors
for water-flow valves on the mold.

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