Injection Molding: Induction mold-heating technology gains foothold in electronics enclosures

RocTool’s first client in Asia is becoming one of its largest, “investing massively” in its electromagnetic induction technology for mold heating, according to the company.

Hong Kong based Ju Teng International, a manufacturer of computers, communication and electronic devices has purchased two new RocTool production licenses: one for the manufacturing of touch tablet parts and the other for laptop/notebook manufacturing.

RocTool notes that Ju Teng established a factory in 2013 with about 100 production lines equipped with RocTool technology. The two new 3iTech production licenses, will be used for the manufacturing of touch tablet parts and laptop/notebook manufacturing. Ju Teng’s first license agreement with RocTool was for smartphones.  Ju Teng says Roc Tool’s technology helps it improve manufacturing speed and surface quality, while decreasing part thickness and weight. 

Ju Teng claims to have a greater than 30 percent share in the global notebook casing market. RocTool currently has 80 patents and 40 licensees in more than 12 countries.