INJECTION MOLDING: Larger MuCell Gas Dosing System Arrives

Designed for shots of 5.5 to 27.5 lb.

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Trexel Inc., Wilmington, Mass., has released a larger dosing and delivery system for supercritical fluids (SCF) used in its MuCell microcellular foaming system. The new T-400 model is designed for large molding applications of 2500 to 12,500 g. It supplements three other T-series units for shots under 140 g to weights up to 3000 g.

Introduced at K 2013 and NPE2015, the T-series is said to be a much simpler, more compact, and less expensive means of converting nitrogen (standard) or CO2 (optional) gas into SCF for injection into the melt in the barrel of an injection molding machine. The touchscreen controls are easier to use: Just enter the shot size and percentage of SCF desired, and the system calculates the rest.