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Injection Molding: Machine Series Can Be Configured, Ordered Online

Arburg’s Allrounder 270 S boasts a smaller footprint and 25% lower cost, with online configuration and ordering said to shorten delivery time.


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Initially introduced at K 2019 (see January 2020 show report), the Allrounder 270S from Arburg (U.S. headquarters in Rocky Hill, Conn.) is the first injection molding machine from the company that can be configured online via its arburgXworld customer portal. Arburg says that process shortens delivery time for the machine, while offering more modular configuration options. In addition to faster delivery, Arburg says the Allrounder 270 S is around 25% less expensive than a standard hydraulic machine. The footprint has also been reduced by about 20% thanks to the integration of the control cabinet into the machine base.

The machine has 35 tons of clamping force and a size 100 injection unit, which can be configured to inject at the parting line. Arburg notes that repositioning the injection unit, including above the parting line, broadens the range of molds and processes the machine can handle. To expand the range of materials the machine can mold, wear-resistant chrome-nitride coated cylinder modules are available as an option. The machine can also be equipped with an Integralpicker V sprue picker, and it features the company’s Selogica control system.

To order the hydraulic Allrounder 270 S compact via the web, customers must initially register free of charge on the customer portal and then activate the Configuration app. With this tool, Arburg says standardized machines can be individually configured by adding defined options and then ordered at fixed conditions.

Arburg Allrounder 270 S compact

New options for the Allrounder 270 S compact include a parting line unit for vertical injection and an option for automation with an Integralpicker V.


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