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Injection Molding: Mobile Wireless Terminal For Injection Press Control

Boy adds WLAN control tablet with Procan Alpha functionality.


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At October’s K 2019 show in Dusseldorf, the German parent of Boy Machines presented for the first time a portable wireless terminal embodying the Boy Procan Alpha machine control system. It reportedly offers almost the same functionality as the fixed controls on the injection press. The IP address of the mobile terminal is permanently assigned to one particular machine, so it offers remote monitoring and control of only that one press via secure Ethernet communication. If the terminal is too far away from the machine, the press stops automatically.

The mobile control terminal is said to be particularly advantageous for complex systems or machines with multiple injection units, because it allows control screens and input values to be visible from both the fixed control screen and the mobile terminal in a different location by the machine. In the next phase of development, Boy says the WLAN version of the Procan controller will also allow setup and control of Boy LR 5 linear robots.