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INJECTION MOLDING: Multi-Tip Hot-Runner Nozzles For Tubular Parts

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Designed for balanced filling without core bending.

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New hot-runner nozzles for axial injection of small tubular parts will be featured by Alba Enterprises, LLC, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., at NPE2015 next month in Orlando. The DN5/3 Series multi-tip nozzles from Thermoplay S.p.A. of Italy are designed to provide balanced filling that prevents flow lines and reduces risk of core bending from high injection pressures. Tips can be spaced as closely as 3.2 mm. The nozzles are said to be suitable for products requiring high concentricity and for high-flow resins like ABS, PE, PP, and PS. In Europe they have been used to mold pen barrels in 64 cavities with a total of 192 gates.


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