INJECTION MOLDING: Multilayer Barrier System To Debut at NPE

Three-layer coinjection system for PET preforms saves on expensive barrier material.

Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, Ont., will introduce its “multilayer barrier
solution” for PET preforms at NPE2015 in Orlando, though it will not be running at the show. Built on the company’s HyPET HPP5 hybrid injection machine system, the new three-layer coinjection “barrier module” is said to offer significant cost-saving opportunities—such as up to 50% savings on EVOH or nylon barrier material—for applications such as packaging for foods and beverages. The savings come from more uniform material distribution between cavities and throughout the preform. The HPP5monolayer preform system, which will be running at NPE, was introduced a year ago with a number of incremental improvements said to boost output by up to 12% (see Feb. ’14 Keeping Up).