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Injection Molding: Negri Bossi Launches New Range of Mid-Sized Presses

Negri Bossi supplemented the Nova e all-electric line with Nova servo-hydraulic and hybrid toggle presses.


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At last month’s Plast 2018 show in Milan, Italy, Negri Bossi (U.S. office in New Castle, Del.) introduced additions to its Nova range of injection machines. The company already had introduced the Nova e all-electric line—in Italy about a year ago and at the recent NPE2018 show for North America (see May Keeping Up). That double-toggle series comes in sizes from 50 to 450 metric tons. The new Smart Flex 2 double-toggle clamp has generous tiebar spacing and a moving platen that rides on linear bearings. Its new Tactum control accepts multi-touch commands and is ready for the company’s Amico 4.0 wireless remote service access. What’s more, Nova e presses boast higher injection speeds—300 mm/sec standard and up to 600 mm/sec on smaller models—for packaging and medical markets. (The company has prototyped up to 1000 mm/sec.)

At the Milan show, Negri Bossi brought out the Nova s and Nova i lines. Nova s (pictured) is a servo-hydraulic series; Nova i is a hybrid version (electric clamp and screw drive, plus hydraulic accumulator for injection and carriage movement). Both have a new X-design toggle clamp from 700 to 1150 m.t. This toggle design is said to be unusually compact, with “best-in-class” tiebar spacing, up to 16% greater stroke than earlier models, and “vastly increased” platen speeds. Replacing the Vector series, the new models also boast up to 35% faster injection and over 15% greater injection-pressure capability.

The new Motus controller has a 21.5-in. screen with multi-touch capability, including swipe, scroll and zoom functions. It is also fully customizable and is ready for remote service access.

A new automatic filtered lubrication system is closed-loop and reportedly leak-free. This is said to be unusual as a standard feature.

Negri Bossi says the new machines will enable it to enter new market areas. Both larger and smaller models will be added in future.