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1/28/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

INJECTION MOLDING: New Cavity Sensors & Controls

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Sensors with replaceable cables and a new CoMo DataCenter for multi-machine monitoring.

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Kistler of Switzerland (U.S. office in Amherst, N.Y.) showed three new developments at the recent Fakuma 2014 show in Germany. First, it’s smallest direct cavity-pressure sensors (B Type) are now available in a C Type with replaceable cables, so the sensor can be reused if the cable is damaged. These are the 6183C sensor (1 mm front diam.) and 6182C sensor (2.5 mm).

Also new was a way to avoid the need to run wires inside a mold cavity insert. Instead, the sensor is mounted in a conductive sleeve, which completes an electrical circuit with contact points in the mold base.

Kistler also introduced its CoMo Data-Center (CDC) 2.0 for analyzing the molding process across multiple machines (photo above left). CDC links all the user’s CoMo Injection Systems, which perform cavity-pressure monitoring of each cycle. It allows users to see which machines are performing well or poorly and compare their capacity utilization and reject rates. All data can be accessed via web browser, even from a mobile device. Data can be sorted by
machine, production order, or batch. The touchscreen supports gesture commands.

CDC is said to be easy to install so users can get started right away. It accesses an integrated database, so there is no need to purchase an additional database. The software can generate trend graphs and export data to other programs.


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