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9/23/2016 | 2 MINUTE READ

INJECTION MOLDING New Drive, Control, Robot And Injection Unit Bow in at K 2016

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The big news is a new controller equipped for Industry 4.0.

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Dr. Boy GmbH & Co., German parent of Boy Machines Inc., Exton, Pa., demonstrated several new features at the K 2016 show last month in Dusseldorf (see last month’s injection molding show preview). One is the new Multi-Drive, a high-performance option for Boy presses, applying two servo-driven hydraulic pumps that can be individually adjusted for simultaneous movements and functions. Such “parallel” movements—clamping and plasticating, for example—are said to reproduce the functionality, precision, and speed of an all-electric machine that has separate servomotors for different functions. Additional capabilities of Multi-Drive include profiled clamp-force control during the molding cycle and injection-compression with long strokes. Multi-Drive will be demonstrated on Boy’s largest machine, the Boy 100 E (100 metric tons) at K.

Boy also introduced its new Pocan Alpha 4 controller. It incorporates an OPC-UA (Open-Platform Communication, Unified Architecture) server, which is becoming the new standard for implementing so-called Industry 4.0 network protocols. Procan Alpha 4 offers significantly improved MES (manufacturing execution system) function, doubling of the temperature-control accuracy and halving of the tolerances, and better position accuracy due to improved analog registration, which reportedly increases accuracy of the position sensors by a factor of 10. What’s more, the processor’s reaction time has been speeded up by a factor of eight or more (125 μsec vs. 1000 μsec, or 1 millisec, with the previous version). Cycle-time consistency is also said to be improved, with deviation tolerance of less than 10 millisec. Also improved is the hydraulic-pressure-dependent switchover to holding pressure with stroke monitoring.

In addition, Boy brought out a new injection-unit size for the Boy 50 E and 60 E. The new SP 170 unit fits between the SP 82 and SP 205 injection units. It comes in the same four screw diameters as the SP 205—28, 32, 38, and 42 mm. Each size is slightly larger in stroke volume and lower in pressure capability than the corresponding size of SP 205. Most important, the SP 170 is shorter so the overall machine will be 10.5 in. shorter. The new unit’s housing also offers significantly improved access to the hopper during operation, better connection of other devices like dryers and loaders, and a simplified swiveling function.

What’s more, Boy showcased its LR5 Cartesian robot for the first time at K. This all-servo unit has three main axes plus a two-axis wrist. Sizes are available for Boy 35-ton to 100-ton presses and poayload capacity to 5 kg (11 lb). The robot comes with metal safety guarding.


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