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Injection Molding: New eLearning Course on ‘Math for Molders’

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RJG launches first online eLearning course for injection molders.

RJG, Inc., Traverse City, Mich., has introduced its first eLearning course, “Math for Molders.” It develops foundational math skills needed in the field and for more advanced RJG courses.

The online course allows students to complete each module at their own pace, including the option to replay sections as needed. It takes an average of 9-10 hr to complete. There are eight units in the course, each with multiple interactive modules that include videos, animations, and practice activities. Using real scenarios, molders will be better prepared to calculate data, enabling them to match mold requirements with appropriate machines and avoid common defects while preventing machine and mold damage.

Some course highlights include calculating areas of various shapes and total projected area at the parting line; ratios used in screw design and hydraulic intensification ratios; and volumetric shot size and barrel capacity.


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