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8/8/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Injection Molding: New-Generation Hybrid Press And Other News at Fakuma Show

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Arburg to show a 500-ton press with the new look and Gestica controls. Also Industry 4.0 demo and new materials for Freeformer 3D printer.


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ARBURG, Inc. (U.S. office in Rocky Hill, Conn.) will introduce the second model in its new generation of hybrid presses at the Fakuma show next month in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Arburg unveiled the initial model, a 650-metric-ton Allrounder 1120H, with a dramatically new overall design and brand-new Gestica control system at the K 2016 show (see Jan. ’17 show report). That machine (pictured) has an electric toggle clamp and servohydraulic injection with gas accumulator. After a year of testing by pilot customers, that machine will become available worldwide as of the Fakuma show. A model 1120H will be at that show, alongside the second machine in the series, the 500-m.t. Allrounder 920H. Both presses will be molding parts.

Other Arburg exhibits at Fakuma 2017 will include the following:

 •  Arburg’s latest demonstration of Industry 4.0 data networking in he context of “flexible production of single-unit batches” will involve molding elastic exercise bands. Visitors will choose between different band lengths and colors, as well as end pieces in hook/hook, hook/eyelet, or eyelet/eyelet combinations. A vertical Allrounder 375 V with a four-cavity mold (two cavities each for the eyelet and hook) will produce individualized variants from shot to shot. The selection among the corresponding cavities and hot-runner nozzles is controlled by means of slides, and the rubber-band inserts are handled by a six-axis robot. As for real-world applications, Arburg says such single-unit flexible production is ideal for producing automotive cable assemblies.

 •  As was seen at K 2016, Arburg will mold wristwatches using two colors and durometers of LSR for the wrist straps.

 •  A thin-wall packaging version of the Allrounder 570H will mold four PP IML tubs in less than 2-sec cycles.

 •  New remote maintenance and troubleshooting capability will be demonstrated. The Arburg injection machine is equipped with a router and integrated firewall for this “smart service.”

 •  Two Freeformer 3D printers will be running, showing off an expanded range of materials, including first-ever processing of PP and brand-new armat 12 water-soluble support resin for use with PP.