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10/24/2013 | 1 MINUTE READ

INJECTION MOLDING: New Hot-Runner Controller, Upgraded Closure & Preform Machines

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Husky unveils new member of its Altanium hot-runner controls family, and makes U.S. debut of an enhanced cap-molding system.

Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, Ont., recently introduced a new member of its Altanium hot-runner controls family and made the U.S. debut of an enhanced cap molding system. It also recently previewed its next-generation PET preform system. The new Altanium Delta3 controller for two to 128 zones bridges the gap in cost and functionality between its Neo2 controller for two to 48 zones and its modular Matrix system for two to 254 zones.

The Delta3 sports a large color touchscreen with improved, “highly intuitive” navigation, Husky says. It offers automatic storage and recall of setups, multilingual support, and historical event auditing as an aid to troubleshooting. Integrated mold protection is said to prevent material degradation, while real-time power-deviation monitoring automatically detects signs of plastic leakage and impending heater failure. Remote monitoring is another capability.

Meanwhile, Husky recently hosted an event in Bolton that presented its HyCAP High Performance Package (HPP) for high-output beverage caps to a North American audience for the first time. The HyCAP HPP 300 system, with a 300-ton hybrid press, produced a 1.2 g, 29/25 mm lightweight HDPE water closure in a 72-cavity mold on a 1.9-sec cycle. The system also reportedly can run 2.5 g, 33-mm closures in 72 cavities in 3.2 sec. The HPP package is said to save an additional 20% in energy consumption.

At an open house at its Luxembourg facility, Husky offered an advance look at its next-generation HyPET HPP 5.0 system for PET preforms, which will launch officially before the end of the year. Husky demonstrated a 400-ton machine molding a 22.26 g preform for a 500-ml aseptic juice container in 96 cavities on an 8.1-sec cycle. Also at that event was a HyPET system with a new mold upgrade from 72 to 96 cavities.