INJECTION MOLDING: New Hybrid Micromolding Machine With Servohydraulic Clamp

Dial down the tonnage as low as 5%, or 1.5 tons.

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Plustech, Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., the North American branch of Sodick’s injection molding machinery div. in Japan, introduced a new micromolding press at the recent MD&M show in Minneapolis. The GL30-LP is a 30-ton machine with 4.5-cc injection capacity. It has Sodick’s V-Line two-stage, screw/plunger injection unit, with a hydraulically driven screw and linear electric-motor drive on the plunger for high response (2-3 msec). It is capable of 1300-mm/sec injection speed and injection pressures to 41,730 psi.

The hybrid clamp is able to dial down the tonnage as low as 5%, or 1.5 tons, without losing any accuracy, the company says. The clamp uses an AC servo motor for mold traverse and servohydraulic clamping.