Injection Molding: New Injection Molding Certificate Program for Process Engineers & Technicians

Seven-week training program focuses on process technicians and engineers responsible for injection molding operations.

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The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute, Erie, Pa., has launched a brand-new Injection Molding Certificate Program. It supplements the AIM Institute’s short courses that provide focused, subject-specific knowledge on topics such as Mold Start-Up, Debug, and Understanding Shrink and Warp. It also differs from the Institute’s intensive Plastics Technology and Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program, designed for plastics professionals of all types to rigorously examine each of the “four pillars of injection molding”— polymer materials, mold design, part design, and processing. The new certificate program is aimed specifically at process engineers and technicians responsible for actual molding, who are looking to take a much deeper dive into the molding process. This course adapts sections from the PTE program that apply directly to the molder and expands them by adding more hands-on learning and troubleshooting content.

“This program is designed not only to teach molders how to set up and transfer processes between molding machines, but also how to be more creative and become better at troubleshooting,” says Dr. John Beaumont, founder and president of the AIM Institute and of Beaumont Technologies, Inc. in Erie. “Our students are guided to apply critical thinking to determine the root causes of molding issues and to address them directly rather than applying less robust symptomatic fixes.”

Lead course developer and instructor Jason Travitz adds, “A molder should be able to move beyond a predetermined process methodology and react creatively to each new mold, product, and polymer.”

Students spend an initial week in the classroom and lab, and then return home for five weeks of homework and online reviews before returning for a second week of hands-on focused learning and two days of final exams.