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INJECTION MOLDING: New Machine & Controls from Taiwan

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Energy-saving hydraulic machines and large touchscreen control.

The highlight at the booth of Fortune International/Victor Taichung Machinery of Taiwan (U.S. office in Somerset, N.J.) will be the new-generation V800 control with 15-in. touchscreen framed by a keyboard. It can be repositioned for each operator’s convenience. Internal
memory stores up to 1000 molds, and setups can be transferred via USB drive. A single screen allows for setting clamp, ejector, injection, temperatures, air blast, plastication, and more. There’s also a pop-up keyboard for data and text entry and screens for production
management and quality control.

Also to be featured by Fortune is the new ES (Energy Saving) hydraulic line of 50 to 1600 metric tons. It’s said to use less hydraulic oil than conventional hydraulic presses while offering high-speed injection and stability at very high and very low injection speeds. It’s also said to be very quiet (almost equivalent to all-electrics) and to have many other advantages of electric machines—energy savings, quick response, high repeatability.


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