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Injection Molding: New Micro-Injection Unit for LSR

Engel and collaborator ACH Solution say the new unit enables shot weights well below 0.1 g.


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As part of its live e-xperience (Oct. 13-16, read more), injection molding and automation supplier Engel is producing ophthalmology components with an individual part weight of just 0.0013g. An all-electric tiebarless Engel e‑motion 50/30 TL press is equipped with the new LSR micro-injection unit, which Engel developed together with ACH Solution (Fischlham, Austria).

For the market launch, a the e-motion machine will run a 32-cavity valve gate cold runner mold producing connecting elements used in ophthalmic diagnostic instruments. The filigree parts measure 1.7 mm in length, 0.9 mm in diameter and weigh just 0.0013 g. The e-motion is equipped with an LSR metering pump by ACH Solution and an Engel viper 6 linear robot for micropart removal and conveyor belt placement. A camera system for quality control was also provided by ACH Solution.

Engel says flexibility was a key focus for the micro-injection unit. A quick coupling system means the unit can be exchanged for a conventional injection unit in less than 30 minutes, according to Engel.

The company also points out that the large platens of the tiebarless e-motion TL injection molding machine, which can be fully utilized right up to the edge because there are no tiebars to get in the way, lets the machine accommodate large, multiple-cavity molds on comparatively small injection molding machines.

Engel LSR micro injection unit

The LSR components measure 1.7 mm in length and 0.9 mm in diameter and weigh just 0.0013 grams.