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Injection Molding: New Robots at K 2019

New high-speed, standard, and economical models debut from Wittmann Battenfeld.


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At October’s K 2019 show in Düsseldorf, Wittmann Battenfeld showed off a brand-new range of high-speed robots and expansions of its WX servo robots and Primus economical linear series. Few details were available before the show on the Sonic high-speed line, other than it comes initially in three models—131, 142 and 143.

The newest model in the WX series is the WX138, which is said to have a “fundamentally new design.” Wittmann describes it as “the first robot with a rigid X-axis,” which is available from 620 to 920 mm and is driven in a novel way by an internal belt. Thus, the drive is concealed completely inside the profile of the X (demolding) axis, and the moving loads are reduced by 30%. The same is true of the main horizontal (Z) axis.

In addition, the vertical stroke (800 to 1200 mm) suits it to machines up to 300 metric tons. Payload capacity is 12 kg (26.4 lb). The vertical profile boasts “dramatically increased rigidity,” now 50% higher in the direction of the main demolding stroke and 100% higher in the direction of the Z axis.

Wittmann also expanded the range of its economical Primus servo robots for pick-and-place operations. The new Primus 48/48T models are suited to injection machine sup to 900 m.t., up from 400 m.t. for the Primus 26/26T. Horizontal stroke can reach to 6 m, so that several pallet bays can be arranged beside the press, or parts can be deposited behind the clamp. Demolding stroke is up to 1200 mm, and vertical axis is 1600 to 2000 mm for the telescoping 48T model. Both Primus 48 and 48T models have a payload capacity of 20 kg (44 lb). Vertical tube rigidity is said to be comparable to WX models, and vacuum and air hoses are concealed inside.

Wittmann Battenfeld also added a new Primus 16T model with telescoping arm that suits it to low overheads. Vertical stroke is 800 to 1000 mm and payload capacity is 5 kg (11 lb), the same as the earlier Primus 16.