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Injection Molding: New Series Features Wider Platens

Yizumi-HPM’s new DP-N-WP wide-platen Series of two-platen servo hydraulic injection molding machines provide greater tie bar spacing and longer clamp strokes to support bigger mold heights and weights.


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Yizumi-HPM Corp., the Iberia, Oh. based unit of YIZUMI Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., has launched the DP-N-WP wide-platen series of two-platen servo hydraulic injection molding machines. The series will initially offer five wide-platen models with clamp forces of 770, 990, 1200, 1650 and 2000 tons with 15 available injection units. For the 770-ton machine, the platens measure 61.41 by 59.83 in, while for the 2000, they measure 105.59 by 100.08 in.

Featuring larger platens, the series will have greater distances between tie bars, longer clamp strokes, bigger maximum mold heights and increased mold weights. Yizumi-HPM says the WP series will allow its customers to install larger and heavier molds, while the increased clamp stroke ensure deeper drafted parts can be easily removed from the mold.

Yizumi-HPM’s DP-N-WP wide-platen Series

Yizumi-HPM’s DP-N-WP wide-platen Series features larger strokes to support bigger molds. 

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