Injection Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Injection Molding: Optimize Screw Recovery for Better Melt Quality, Less Wear

Engel’s new iQ melt control extends plastication time as much as possible without lengthening the cycle.


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A new addition to Engel’s “smart factory” software was introduced at October’s K 2019 show in Dusseldorf. Its latest “intelligent assistant” is iQ melt control, which optimizes the plastication or screw-recovery time for the current application. Because slower plastication improves melt quality and uniformity, and minimizes screw and barrel wear, iQ melt control makes full use of the in-mold cooling time for plasticating. Instead of plasticating at the maximum possible speed, the software uses all the time available without extending the cycle. Reduced noise is another claimed benefit.

For this to happen, the operator needs to enter only the screw type and the material being processed. Along with optimum plasticating time, the software displays recommendations for optimizing melt temperature and back pressure.