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INJECTION MOLDING: Sensors & Controls at NPE

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New approach eliminates damage-prone sensor cables between cavity inserts and the mold base.

Related Suppliers

Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, N.Y., introduced three products at NPE2015 in Orlando. First, all its pressure sensors now have unscrewing, interchangeable cables, saving the cost of the sensor if the cable gets damaged and needs replacement.

Second is a connector for cavity inserts that eliminates the need for damage-prone cables between the insert and mold base. A conductive spacer sleeve around the sensor inside the insert interfaces with a metal contact element on the surface of the mold base (see photo).

Third, Kistler’s CoMo DataCenter 2.0 is a new version of its system for monitoring process and quality-related production data from multiple machines in a central database. The CoMo DataCenter is networked via Ethernet with CoMo monitoring systems on each machine. The new release has an improved user interface, a new overview of production, new detailed analyses with curves and statistics, automatic generation of summary reports, and ability to view data on mobile devices.



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