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INJECTION MOLDING: Servo-Hydraulic Two-Platen Presses Debut in North America

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Smaller servo-hydraulic models and wide-platen options will be unveiled at NPE.

At NPE2015 next month in Orlando, Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Mass., will take the wraps off new, smaller sizes and new wide-platen options of the Haitian Jupiter II servohydraulic
two-platen machine series for North American molders.

Previously available from 1349 to 4496 U.S. tons, new sizes include 440, 618, 730, 844, and 1069 tons. The Jupiter II is available with extra-wide platens to accommodate larger parts in a smaller machine. The wide-platen Jupiter II is available in 1069, 1349, and 1798 tons.

“The Jupiter II is the best equipped for North American molders given its balance between capability, productivity per square foot, and economical operation,” says Glenn Frohring, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian. “The Jupiter II’s servo-hydraulics deliver significant energy cost savings over older hydraulic machines. It should be highly interesting to the automotive industry.”

At NPE 2015, Haitian will running a JUII 6500/4500 with clamp force of 730 tons and a shot size of 80.14 oz. The machine will be equipped with a recently introduced five-axis linear S5 robot from Sepro America, Pittsburgh.


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